"Fundraising with Farmer Friendly, premium blends of gourmet coffees

is the easiest, most profitable fundraiser you will ever do"!

Dear Fundraiser,

As you evaluate your many fundraising opportunities, please consider,

HOVEY VALLEY COFFEE TRADER'S unique and profitable fundraising program with:

Farmer Friendly, Gourmet coffees, K-cups, hot chocolate & cappuccino.

Virtually every household, office and business buys and drinks coffee. It is consumed daily and will be continually enjoyed as you direct your buyers to our web site to re-order.

We are proud to be the preferred fundraising option
for many organizations throughout the Midwest!

We work with and are favorites of FFA Chapters, Cheerleading squads, Figure Skating teams,
Sports teams, FBLA, 4-H Groups, Dance teams and many, many other groups and teams.

We hope to become one of your preferred fundraising programs!

We're easy to work with:

1) All fundraising materials are provided "FREE"!

2) No "Upfront Charges"! Collect your money first, and then pay us!

3) All products are roasted, ground and packaged to order. Always Fresh!

4) All products are reasonably and fairly priced. Very competitive!

5) Our coffees are grown on Rainforest Alliance farms and sold by Fair Trade Organizations.

6) Our "Pre-pack" option saves you time unpacking and separating orders.

7) The "Excel Tally Sheet" keeps a running total of individual and total sales.

8) Web site "Orders" are welcome as part of your fundraising effort.

9) Web site "Re-orders" earn your group another profit, and your customer a "Bonus" bag.

Earn 40% profit! $4.80 for each bag sold!


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Mondovi WI. 54755

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