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Thank you, we couldn't be happier! Product samples and all sales literature were provided timely and "FREE". Products are really good and very easy to sell! There was overwhelming acceptance! The hot chocolate is exceptional! We profited well over $4000.00 in our very first year! WOW, what a program. We will definitely do it again! We highly recommend that you give it serious consideration.
KJ -Skating Club Leader

I was lucky to make contact with Hovey Valley Coffee at our summer conference. My officer team and I decided we would like to try this new product as part of our fundraising efforts this school year. Hovey Valley Coffee was definitely a big hit in our area! We are happy we are buying a product that is local to west central Wisconsin. Our customers were extremely happy with their products and I have heard nothing buy positive comments since we have joined with this local business. This is a must do!
LM -FFA Advisor

It doesn't rot, you don't have to keep it frozen, it's not the same old, same old stuff, it's competitively priced and tastes wonderful! How simple can it get! Hovey Valley Coffee is easy to work with, they do what they say and they follow thru. Kind of refreshing now days. This really is one of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers we have ever done. We're solid supporters and suggest you give it serious consideration.
BK -Little League Coach

We've done a lot of different fundraisers over my years as coach and leader of our cheer & dance team. This is one of the simplest and easiest fundraisers we've ever done. Hovey Valley Coffee supplies everything we need, gives us all the support you could ask for and follows thru with their commitments to us. The product is excellent, competitively priced and sells itself. People like having something new and different to buy, knowing they are helping support our program. We look forward to next year and seeing if we can beat this years numbers. Give it serious consideration!
LP -Cheer & Dance Coach

Our middle school students sold Hovey Valley Coffee for the first time this year, and we had great success. All selling materials were nicely organized so it was easy and low stress for our fundraising committee. In addition, our customers were excited to have something tasty and useful to purchase to help our Middle School raise funds for activities. I definitely would recommend the Hovey Valley Coffee fundraiser to any organization.
R.O. Middle School Student Council Advisor

We plan on doing it again, had nothing but positive comments. So easy and profitable! Good to have something different.
R.S. FFA Advisor

This was our first year selling coffee/chocolate with Hovey Valley. We only had five kids selling and yet we easily made around $350. Next year we are sure to do more. Our customers were happy to see us sell something different and we received positive feedback about the product. We received our order in the time agreed upon and everything went smoothly. We definitely will do it again.
N.B. FFA Advisor

What a simple, easy way to make some extra money for our projects. It was easy to motivate the kids and parents. Everything was supplied and organized. We just had to follow the road map. Product is excellent!
J.B. 4-H Club Leader

What a wonderful way to make some extra money, Everyone loves to drink something warm and being able to have Bob set up a booth at our Toy/Craft Show during the winter, what a great combination. Thanks.
E.B. FFA Advisor

WONDERFUL! Easy, simple, no hassle! Hovey Valley supplied everything we needed, did exactly what they said they would do and gave us great service. This is one of the simplest and easiest fundraisers we've ever done. The coffee and hot chocolate is excellent and the K-cups were great! The pre-pack went good and saved us the hassle of sorting. Bob even made the delivery! The Tally sheet was simple to use and really made managing the sale easy! People liked having something new and different to buy, and were generous in supporting our program. Im a fan and we will do this again. Give it some serious thought!
M.F. Band Director

This was one of the biggest and very best fundraisers we have ever done! Effort was reasonable, profit was great! We earned over $8000.00 to put towards new uniforms for our marching band. Products are excellent and well received in our community. The pre-pack and tally sheet Hovey Valley provides made managing the fundraiser simple. We WILL do again!
J.J. Band Director


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